Metal Monday! Get some!

Sumo Deadlift
Find your 1 rep max.
Floor hip bridges
6min amrap
6 TGU’s 16/10
10 DB Squat clean 40/20

Post your scores to the Whiteboard.

Good day tribe!  

Today we are testing the sumo deadlift. As of lately we all have been training, building and executing the conventional deadlift. But in order to not adapt to one particular lift we change it every so often, to hit muscles we wouldn’t with a regular dead. Then in 6-8 weeks we will again retest the conventional to see how our progress has succeeded. :) Good luck! 

On another note. Many of you know that our 5:30 on Thursdays have been for an advanced class.  But as we grow as athletes and as I grow as a programmer I see it fit, to not separate our community.  The program I have is for everyone. From the athlete just looking to be fit and the athlete training for this sport. There will be differences, but by no means does that mean we all can’t train in the same yard for the same purpose. Longevity! 

So by me saying this, our Thursday’s at 5:30 will no be open to everyone. Enjoy and let’s get strong as a community!! 




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