Wednesday 7/1/15

IMG_7031.JPGGood day Tribe!!!


I want to talk to you about “purpose”.  I want everyone who reads this to think about that word.  Think about how it pertains to your regular life, to your gym world, everything!  

Now, that you’ve thought about a “purpose” in the paths of  your life, how can you make progress with this purpose?  Well, there has to be some kind of plan right?  Without a plan we are all running around lifting, grunting and trying to get better…but may not be getting to where we want BECAUSE, we have no plan.  Heck I want a plan!  How in the world will I ever get to my goals if I don’t plan??  I won’t.  

I believe everyone has been noticing the change in our programming.  A lot of new movements that some of us may hate because we could be weak at them now but, thats the more reason to be doing those “accessory movements”. 😉  

When Shane and Laura Sweatt came and did our Powerlifting seminar us coaches got an immense about of knowledge from a highly respected  gym that, for many years keeps putting up PR’s and progressing constantly.  The proof is in their numbers. When anyone has time, please read any of Shane’s , Laura’s, [] or Westside barbells Louis Simons blogs  [] to see what I’m talking about.  

I sat down and listened to what they offered to us as a great way to build our communities strength, progress, PR’s and safety!  Because we all want to do this for longevity, right?! YES!  Now most of us maybe don’t care what our personal records are, and that’s okay.  The powerful thing about that is, even if you don’t care about how big your numbers are, you will be getting stronger for longevity.  And, for the ones looking to increase overall strength and PRing, well, you both will benefit from our community program.  How dope is that?! :)

I’m not going to get into great detail about EVERY tiny thing but, I wanted to give everyone a heads up about what our future programming holds.  How many athletes know what “Max out Metal Monday” is all about??  I know, I know, not a lot.  Because I’ve been testing whats important and what is best for us.  And I personally believe you athletes enjoy this, yes?  These last 2 + months we have been testing and retesting the DeadLift, Back squat and Bench press, and I hope most of you have seen #gainz in these lifts! But now we want to open that door more.  SO!  You all will be finding out that, sometimes we won’t have “prescribed” weights on the WOD’s.  That is because we will start by using what the percentage of our maxes are on those WOD’s, so all athletes get stronger quicker, safer and you all get the metabolical output that particular WOD is programmed for.  If we program a burner and I do a weight thats too heavy and the rest of our class finishes in 9 minutes and it takes me 15 minutes, well I didn’t for one, have intensity and two I could be losing all form and safety just to get through it.  Now, how will I ever do this for longevity  if I keep that habit up? And it could possibly stunt the growth I’m truly looking for.  Does this make sense?

Back to the programming.  On every other Monday [Max out Metal Monday’s] we will be testing our compound movements mostly i;e Back squats, Dead lifts and Bench. On Wednesday’s we will be doing strength work in Oly lifts.  And on the opposite Monday’s of maxes we will do a variety of 2RM, 3RM’s on other movements, like Front squat, Overhead, etc.  With chances of having those lifts tested for PR’s so we all know our percentages.  Also, our strength portion of the weeks will go like Shane taught us from the seminar, One day will be upper body the next will be lower and that will be repeated during the week.   So in the strength portion you won’t be doing heavy back squats two days in a row.  But as all you beautiful athletes know, most of our body will be used in our metcons.  

I hope you all enjoy the journey of excellence with us and along the way, have a plan for us all to succeed!!

If you have any questions about this, stop us and ask!!



Find your 1 rep max.
2-1-1-1-1-1-to Max
21 -15 -9
KB Power Clean
Box jumps 24/20

Post your scores to the Whiteboard.

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