Saturday, June 13th

Hey TRIBE!!!!

There is a CrossFit competition this weekend, Saturday and Sunday, at Duke City (520 Airport Drive, NW Suite C-5,Albuquerque, New Mexico) and we have a kickass team of athletes going down to represent Undisputed!!! As always, it really helps to have a crowd of your people cheering you on and representing our box! Please go and show your love and support for these courageous and unstoppable members of our community.

Jamie Johnson, Coach Jenna, Steve Lovato, Joaquin Sanchez, Ivonne Lobo, Jennifer Montano, and Coach Lorenzo will all be there competing their little hearts out! It is sure to be exciting and entertaining!!!

The workouts:

Event one:

10min Amrap

3 Hang Snatches 95/65

3 Toes to Bar

Increasing 3 reps every round until 10min is up!


5Min Amrap

Wallball Shots 20/14

Event Two:

In 6Min find a 3RM Hang Clean

Remainder of time: over the bar burpees

The heats:

Jen and Ivonne- 9:08am and 2:10pm

Jamie and Jenna- 9:26 and 2:26pm

Joaquin- 10:39 and 4pm

Steve and Lorenzo- 10:57 and 4:10pm

Sunday’s heats will be available after Saturdays events


Workout of the Day

30min Amrap
200m Buddy carry
10 Leg throws
10 Pull ups
20 Squats
Team does buddy carry then each
partner must do a complete round
of 10.10.20 before starting the buddy
carry again.

Post your scores to the Whiteboard.

Mobility WOD