CrossFit Powerlifting seminar at Undisputed THIS weekend.

The final week is upon us before Undisputed hosts the CrossFit Powerlifting Seminar. I’m super excited as this will be the second time I get to experience it–and it IS an experience… it’s more than a certification or a seminar…. those terms almost belittle what it is. It’s an alteration in mindset and a flood fresh knowledge and insight… a new way of looking at power, speed, and performance.

 Here’s what happened for me.

 Not to belabor my injuries or anything, but it’s sufficient to say many of my movements had become limited over the course of my careers as a professional combat athlete and stuntman. This was replete with an ever present discomfort especially in certain ranges of motion. My last job before the cert was AWESOME!! (Look for The Accountant coming out this year). It also left me leaving Atlanta the day after I wrapped with a broken toe/separated shoulder/ding dong/etc…. I landed in LA, slept, and hit the certification.

 Enter Shane & Laura Sweatt into my life. I can’t do it justice to even begin to illustrate all I learned, so I’ll keep this story to the results. I hadn’t bench pressed in 16 years, and I had never done it with direction nor goals. I have been in CrossFit since 2006, yet never made any mentionable gains in that time until I’d met Shane and Laura and followed Conjugate Programming. (I had also been a fighter and “CrossFit” gains weren’t in my goals as an athlete, so that could be a portion of that). I had always been present and worried when I deadlifted, as I had popped my hamstring multiple times in my life… I was strong there, but not confident.

 After following The Conjugate/WestsideBarBell methods for two months, my strength went up drastically: 40-60 pounds in each lift- squat, deadlift, & bench… the remarkable thing is that my body felt better than it had in 20 years– zero worry of injury/only thoughts of success… and this was training while recovering from BIG injuries, mind you.

 My whole mindset on programming/recovery/training was set on its head. I’m a better coach, athlete and person for that weekend I spent. It’s proven invaluable and the ever growing circle of love and community was increased by more beautiful people seeking to help and encourage people into excellence… thank you Shane and Laura.

 I hope that you all don’t miss this unique and special weekend!!

-All Love,


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