“Athletes come in with lists. Lists of objections, can’ts, and, to a smaller degree, hopes.
To train beginners, we work on basic mechanics- getting them through range of motion safely and economically.
Simultaneously, we are working on the athlete to become Consistent. Our job, as coaches, becomes one of increasing the success and hopes and mitigating or erasing the cants and objections.
Without the two components of mechanics and consistency, we are lost. Therefore we work HARD on those… never pushing the intensity button too soon.
We are dialing them in to a new life– a new conversation with themselves and building roadways to new habits.
Things will slip by, like hip extension, or having your mind fully engaged in the task at hand- but it will be FUN and exciting treading on new ground.
You all that participate in Strongman101 are already on board. You’ve found how to move safely and show up consistently. We will turn down the technical aspects of lifts here in order to increase the awareness and ability to create raw power and FULL movement. This will happen with or without your knowledge. Your athletic animal inside you is about to be altered and honed to an extraordinary degree.
Your fitness and your body will take dynamic changes. Your spirit will rise and your determination and relentless mindset will harden and sharpen. You will be introduced to new parts of yourself.
I applaud you.
Welcome to Strongman 101. “
– @taitfletcher
Strongman 101 starts tonight at 8pm.


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