Monday 5/11/15

 Are You Ready To Push Your Limits?!

We have REALLY big news…. UNDISPUTED  has officially partnered with the 2015 Kill Cliff Granite Games, North Central’s premier fitness event. The Granite Games draws athletes from all over the world, ranging from the weekend warriors to the professional athletes. A true festival atmosphere that unites fitness enthusiasts from all genres of sports.

The 2015 Kill Cliff Granite Games Online Qualifier kicks off on June 17th!! For four weeks, join UNDISPUTED  in a fun test of fitness. Whether your ultimate goal is to earn a spot as an Individual, compete as a member of our Community Team, register as an Open Team, or simply push your own limits for four-weeks, The Granite Games Online Qualifier is guaranteed to deliver the thrill of competition to athletes of ALL skill levels.

Athletes who intend to compete as an Individual, or as a member of our Community Team are required to complete the Online Qualifier, so why not tackle it with your fellow athletes, your family, your Community!

Online Qualifier: June 17th – July 13th

Each week, The Granite Games will announce workouts on Wednesday at 7:00PM CDT. Athletes will have until Monday at 7:00PM CDT to complete the workout and submit their scores. Upon completion of the Online Qualifier, the Top Individual athletes (Pro, AsRx, Masters) and Community Teams will be invited to compete on-site at The Kill Cliff Granite Games in St. Cloud, Minnesota.

ALL athletes who complete the Online Qualifier will receive early access to register for the Open Team divisions; AsRx, Intermediate, and Scaled… another GREAT reason to participate in the Online Qualifier!
Did we mention that there is an AsRx AND a Scaled division for the Qualifier?! A fun fitness test for ALL levels of athletes! Note: Only AsRx athletes have the ability to qualify as an Individual or on the Community Team.

Let’s represent our Community proud!

Head on over to & use the discount code: “MYCOMMUNITY” to receive $5.00 off of registration! (ONLY valid through May 15th, so get signed up today!)

More questions? Come talk to me!
Lorenzo Hernandez



Workout of the Day
Bench Press
Find your 1 rep max.
8Min Amrap
10 KB swings 24/16
10 Squats

DB Rows
12min Amrap
10 Alt KB swings
10 side to aides
10 lap snatches

Post your scores to the Whiteboard.

Mobility WOD