Thursday December 18th

Hey tribe!!! Starting today we will be holding “Bring A Friend Day” thru Saturday. The programing will be fun and friendly.. Ha! So tis the season to give! Give your friend or your mother, sister,brother, Dad, family or your imaginary friend something to always remember you by. The gift of sore butts and abs :)
Bring em!!!!
A. Shoulder Press

B. “Tabata This”
Rest 1min
Rest 1min
Pull Up
Rest 1min
Push Up
Rest 1min


A. Wolverine Complex Every 3min for 15min 70-75% of 1Rm
hang power snatch
overhead squat
snatch balance
hang squat snatch

B. 12min Amrap
5 Strict Pull Ups
7 Pistol Squat
9 Mt Climbers
rest 3min then..

5 Snatch balance 115/75
10 Back Squats
15 Ring Dips
100 Double Unders


Mobility WOD