Wednesday November 19th



There is something about seeing people succeed that you can never get enough of.  Its the chill that creeps throughout the whole body, the one that can’t be shaken off.  I get these chills when I see our athletes overcome feats they never thought possible.  I also get this feeling when I hear their pain of doubting themselves, the heavy loud voice in their head saying “I can’t do one more rep!”.  I hear that voice loud and clear just as you do.  I see it on their face, I myself show it on my face!  But everyone knows how I work, they know that I have one desire for everyone.  Just put your HEART into it.  That’s whats shows most. Yes form is efficiency and we constantly work on that.  But what sticks out most is not the athletes doing the heaviest weight the fastest, but the athlete putting every drop of their heart into every rep that shines brightest.   Undisputed had a tremendous weekend at the Turkey Takedown. Several stood top of the podium for the first time.   We had athletes come out of their comfy little box and, unfortunately see their weakness and of course their strengths.  We had a lot of tears, laughs and joy throughout those two days.  But what we had most, was all of our athletes putting their whole heart into every WOD.  I am so proud of each and everyone of these athletes..When you see them give them a hug, give them a high five, show them the love they put back into our community. Remember tribe… everyone has something more in them than they ever thought possible.  Shine on through your heart.


-LorenzoTurkey Takedown

All Levels

A. Snatch Dead Lift

B. Snatch High Pull

C. Power Snatch

Mobility WOD