Friday October 24th

Lets discuss  something important real quick!

As the leaves fall and as the moister seems to stack more this year.  We, you and us, as a gym need to be very conscious about the amount of mud, dirt and rock that seems to accumulate on our beautiful floors.  These floors we spend a lot of time sweating on, kissing (me) from burpees and so on.  So in light of this, as you come in from the wet outdoors make sure you are changing your shoes out before stepping onto the black floor mats.  Not one of us enjoys eating dirt… well except..never mind.  😉 

Please be courteous of others.  Thank you for reading!

Say NO!!! TO dirty shoes!!

Say NO!!! TO dirty shoes!!


Everyday wished it was Friday!

10 Rounds for time:

10 Dead lifts 135/95
10 Push Ups

Mobility WOD