Whole Life Challenge Testimonial!


One Year ago today, I started the 8 week challenge that would forever change my level of health, fitness & diet, The Autumn 2013 Whole Life Challenge.

I had started CrossFit 3 months prior to the beginning of the Challenge and was noticing changes to my body and health, but I still needed that extra boost to really take it to the next level. That boost arrived in the form of The Whole Life Challenge.

The coaches had been talking about the Challenge for weeks prior, and I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a bit skeptical of how transformative it could really be; after all, I was already eating “healthy” and exercising regularly (now that I was going to CrossFit). However, nothing could have really prepared me for the results I would achieve.

For eight weeks I ate cleaner than I ever have, I exercised & moved my body every single day, I supplemented my diet with high quality fish oil, I consciously stayed hydrated & slept an adequate amount. I held myself accountable for every aspect of my health.  I became aware of every single thing I put in my body. Food became a fuel to build muscle, burn fat & energize.  Exercise became a fun & healthy habit, not a bothersome chore.  Stretching and mobilizing became an everyday part of my life.

The end result? I lost 25 pounds of fat mass, 6 inches around my belly, I achieved significant gains in my weight lifting abilities, running speeds & over-all stamina. The best part is, after the eight weeks were over, I continued with all these new found habits.

A year later, I am still in the best shape of my life.  I still eat cleaner than ever before, scrutinizing every ingredient I use to fuel my body.  The fat I lost has never returned, being replaced with muscle instead, and my fitness levels continue to improve.  The 8 weeks of The Whole Life Challenge was one of the most  transformative periods of time I have ever lived. I am continually grateful for everything I learned and achieved.

James Bell

James before and after IMG_1760

Wednesday, September 10th

All levels

5 rounds for reps
1 min Row
1 min OH Walking lunges 45/25
1 min Sit ups
1 min Goblet squats
1 min rest

4 rounds for reps
1 min Row
1 min Walking lunges
1 min Sit ups
1 min Squats
1 min rest


Mobility WOD