Thursday September 11th

My Tribe!

Well Im back!  I was on a LONG very productive and exiting/sad road trip to Los Angeles.  I experienced lots of new boxes and coaching , that Im looking forward to showing you all!

I heard and saw many many feeds of all you great athletes PRing  in the time I was away.  Everyone of you guys in our community not only inspire the other coaches and I but also the very athletes you sweat it out with day in and day out.  Its quiet magical how we all thrive off one another.

Also our Undisputed Team competed in Flex Your Chest Throwdown in Taos, NM, the competition was partner based from 2-4 athletes per team.  Undisputed had 3 Teams go!!!  The Teams included; Jamie and Steve (Rx 2nd place), Jorge, Tiff, Maricia and Dario, then Amy, Jen, Jose and Jeff!  They all absolutely smashed it!!  Give em all a high five when you see them!

The coolest thing I see about this last week is team work.  And this team work doesn’t even mean you have to be on a barbell team or even a comp team.  We walk thru these doors everyday to OUR team.  We sweat, we cry, we succeed and we fail.  But we are always there for one another because that is what team is truly about.  Support. Love. Trust.



Here is something from the what they experience in Taos.  Take note Tribe, everyone can be here.

“It was through the support of one another that we were able to do as well as we did and the respect we have for what each of us brings to the table. Doing wods as a group is giving up control and listening to what’s best as a unit. It requires a lot of strategy and some plans work while others don’t but it’s taking the chance and learning from the process.”


All levels

A) OH Squats 

B) Dumbbell Tabata
Renegade row
Bench press


A) Squat snatch 

B) Same

Mobility WOD