Learning to fly

Learning to Fly this afternoon.
  What was something you were never going to be… never going to accomplish? It all can seem so BIG… hard to know where to begin sometimes. That’s why many don’t begin at all… but sometimes (by intent or accident) steps are taken towards the horizon.  Towards the Goal.
   When we set that course and put in the reps, success is inevitable. It’s simply a matter of time & consistency. Simple.
   Set that small goal.
   The little step with intention.
   Put in those reps and I PROMISE you… you can fly.
Steve muscle up photo


Medicine Ball Madness
In pairs
100m Run, 200m Run, 400m Run – Each person completes the total meter run alternating between each distance
50 Ball over Bar
50 MB Sit-ups
50 MB Lunges
100 MB handoffs – back to back, change direction after 50
400m Run, 200m Run, 100m Run

Mobility WOD