Bearded Helen results and the pre-game huddle!!

We held the Helen Challenge Finals this Sunday and it was an impressive showing of heart and determination and pure athleticism plus a bunch of laughter and visual viewing pleasure thrown in for good measure. I, for one, love a costume party.

We are so proud of each one of you that participated and showed up for the Finals to see it through and we missed those of you that were unable to make it.

We rarely compete with one another in CrossFit but every once in a while it is beneficial to our training and our commitment that we throw our hat over the fence and put ourselves on the playing field (to many analogies?). It was a pleasure to be with all of you and to see you grow (some of you even grew your beards)! Thank you guys for being the best most fun and friendly people around!


Women’s RX- Mariela Rodriguez

Women’s scaled- Victoria Bruneni

Men’s RX – Jodean Romero

Men’s scaled – Jeff Seidel

Plus, in a cliff hanger of a tied “Beard Off”  between Azael Ruiz and Mariela Rodriguez … Mariela was rewarded  for her creativity and gusto with the distinction and award for her BEST Beard (and hair and socks) !!!!


Don’t forget that the Pre- Game Huddle for the Fall 2015 Whole Life Challenge is Wednesday night at 8pm and the Prelims (measurements and prelim workout) start at NOON on THIS Saturday, September 13th!!!! Be a part of it! Join our team!

All you have to do is follow this link:

The winners circle- Bearded Helen- 2014

The winners circle- Bearded Helen- 2014


The hairy participants who exemplify the term "good sports"!!

The hairy participants who exemplify the term “good sports”!!


Tuesday, September 9th!!

All levels

5 rounds
200m Farmer carry 1/2BW
12 KB Power cleans
6 KB Push press


3 rounds
200m Farmer carry
12 Russian swings
6 KB Push press

Heather McKearnan

Mobility WOD