Tuesday August 19th Are you working towards improving your Helen time?


The Finals of the Helen Challenge are coming up  September 7th, that isin 3 weeks!!! Have you been doing anything outside of class to prepare yourself and improve your movements and time? You may have noticed that the programming has been heavy on the running and pull ups lately, so if you have been coming to class you have been training for Helen even if you were not aware that that is what you are doing.

However, what would it be like to really take on your training for this challenge? What would that look like for you? Here are a couple of ideas on ways to get better at Helen without having to do Helen over and over again.

Sunday Open Gym is a perfect opportunity to come in and practice these skills or to do a workout that will lend itself towards your getting faster and better at these movements! Let’s smash our preliminary times!!!!!!

Ways to train Helen that aren’t Helen!

Helen is:

3 Rounds of –

400 M run

21 Kettlebell Swings (24/16)

12 Pull Ups

15 minute AMRAP:

this is what Inee, Stephen, Doug and Jodean did at Open Gym this Sunday! 

If you get through Helen Begin again…

Lump Sum Helen:

1200 meter run

63 Kettlebell Swing

36 Pullups

Baby Steps Helen:

6 Rounds –

200 meter run

11 Kettlebell swings

6 Pullups

Heavy Helen:

3 rounds-

200 meter run with a (20/14lb)  med ball or a face paced farmers carry with KBs (1/2 bodyweight)

21 Kettlebell Swings ( 28/20kgs)

Have fun with your fitness. Get creative. Do you have a workout that you have been doing towards this goal? Please post to comments!



All Levels

A. 3 Overhead Squat
EMOM 5min

B. Pull Ups

C. 7 rounds for time
10 Wall Ball 20/14
10 Pull Ups


A. Skill- Overhead Squats

B. Pull Ups

C. 5 rounds for time
10 Wall Balls
10 Ring rows



Mobility WOD