Thursday August 14th

IMG_3551Hello Tribe!

A recap about our community’s incredible experience this last weekend at Big Barn Brawl;  Being a coach for a short period of time I was honestly nervous about the right amount of preparation needed to take on this weekend. The amount of planning and execution that has to go into a competition like this is not an easy task to nail.  This was a feat I had never managed. I was a little stressed to say the least but looking around at the 15 very passionate athletes I get to call my teammates made me realize once again how grateful I am to be apart of the Undisputed comp team!

The time I’ve spent with these beautiful people makes me understand their strengths and weaknesses, what motivates them and defeats them, and how to improve on all these different aspects. Their growth is my growth. They inspire me to be extra-extraordinary for them and myself. Actually ALL of my community inspires me to do such. Everyone goes into this with more anxiety than they anticipated.  Its the nature of the beast.  Who and what animal will I be up against?  This question loomed over everyone’s head..even mine!

There was something different about the competition this weekend, something I hold dear to my heart. One year ago today I was released from Federal Prison finishing a 3 year sentence.  I had so many off and on emotions getting prepared for this comp.  Being my first REAL individual RX competition reminded me of the amount of time i’ve spent alone for the past years training for a moment like this.  The vast life and blessed people I have surrounded myself with in this last year made my heart swell. It was difficult to keep my emotions inside.  Looking back it seems unreal that this is where my life is now.  Something I always envisioned in the clink, but very surreal beyond the fences.

Back to the weekend.  I have been the Competition Coach here since we started it back in October of 2013. Many of these athletes have been here since the start, and a few are fresh faces.  My team has had to go to some competitions without me due to various circumstances, so being able to be by their side the whole way was dear to me. I was going to be there, front and center with my ENTIRE team for the first time.  I honestly asked myself, “Was I ready for this both as a coach and an athlete?”  But as the leader I couldn’t let my thoughts stay there for long. I had to show strength and confidence for my team because if I crumbled, my team would follow.  And that was NO option for me.  My team and I have worked too hard to give in to any obstacle.

Saturday morning at 8am my team started their lesson filled journey. We were all ecstatic! The first heats in each division started and slowly our community trickled in, bringing the energy to an all time high. Watching the team put every inch of their heart into every rep was mesmerizing.  They all looked so graceful, confident, proud and yes a little scared too.  But thats OK!  We all went through those emotions. It’s the name of the game.

After the first day of this battle, many of our athletes were in the top ten which is amazing considering the top 9 in each division move onto the finals. Even if we were all fighting our own demons, we went into day two ready for what we had to face. Mainly ourselves.

The special thing about CrossFit is that ALOT of your triumphs and defeats are purely internal.  If you’re not in your moment, you’re wasting energy.  If you’re wasting your energy, your wasting time.  You must not only chase someone better than you, but you must chase a better you all together. It’s a very thin and real line. This weekend, each and every one of us got to experience the internal fight we have within, the strength and support we must muster up for ourselves.  After we fought past the internal battle, we could not help but recognize the support and strength gathered from our community, CROSSFIT SANTA FE!!!

As a team we all won.  We won because we finished what we started.  We are better today because of our  community.  Ourselves. And our lessons.  Amazing job Team OCD, and THANK YOU!!

As I said before, this is a special time of year for me.  I want to take a quite moment to thank all the people who have helped me on my journey, especially this past year:  Thank you Mom, my brothers, my beautiful fiancee Amanda, my friends that have been in the fences with me succeeding as I have, and last but not least my ENTIRE Undisputed Tribe. I would not be where I am today if it wasn’t for each and everyone of you. I love you all!!!

-Lorenzo Hernandez, Undisputed Competition Coach

“Get Up and Never Give Up”



All Levels

A. Back Squat

B. Each is for max reps:
2 Minutes Double Unders-box jump sub
2 Minutes Rest
2 Minutes Squat 
2 Minutes Rest
2 Minutes Pull up 
2 Minutes Rest
2 Minutes Handstand Push-ups or Incline Push up sub


A. Back Squat

B. Each for max Reps
2 min Double Unders
Rest 1min
2min Pistol Squats
Rest 1min
2min Muscle ups
Rest 1min
2 min Handstand Walk or HSPU Deficit 
Rest 1min
2min Sprint

Mobility WOD