Tuesday June 10th

To recap on the past week.  We had a ton of PR’s, and we wanted to highlight some of our amazing athletes for their hard work and ability to overcome the hurdles of mind/body game we all fight. 

Back Squat PR’s

Leif- 225#          Alex-225#

Sean-315#         Mariela-160#

Jim-175#           John S-215#

Ingrid-180#     Patrick-145#

Azael-255#       DJ-245#

Noure-205#     Cori-165#

Liz-155#           Jayce-155#

David-275#     Joseph-215#

Crystal-215#   Jorge-310#

Elias-265#       Kim-105# 

Great work Undisputed athletes!!!!!

The WODrunners had some break throughs this week too! Here are some of their numbers.

Jen- Clean N Jerk-115#

Amy- Clean N Jerk-95# x6 (old PR was 95!)

Jose- Jerk-185#


Monica U- Clean N Jerk-135# x6 (old PR was 135!) Snatch-90# (At El Paso Fittest of the Southwest comp)

16th Place Rx

Amanda-Snatch-75# (At El Paso FOSC) 15th Place 

Tiffany-12th Place

Maricia- 22nd

Ivonne-14th Rx

Steve-29th Rx

Great job athletes!!!! Your work has paid off!

If we focus on our form, be patient and be proud of the littlest increase, the path to our success is already getting paved!  Remember this month is about PRing our snatch , handstand balance and strength!  Be powerful athletes and remember to get up and NEVER give up!


All Levels

A. Handstand Holds

B. “Tuff”
25 Double Unders
40 KB Swings 24/16
25 Double Unders
30 Clapping pushups
25 Double Unders
20 Push Press 75/55
25 Double Unders
15 Burpee box jumps 24/20
25 Double Unders
10 Burpee Pull ups
25 Double Unders


A. Handstand Basics

B. For time:
50 Single Unders
35 KB Swings 24/16
50 Single Unders
30 Pushups
50 Single Unders
20 Push Press-bar
50 Single Unders
15 Box jumps
50 Single Unders
10 Burpee
50 Single Unders

Mobility WOD