Saturday June 28th Whole Life Challenge FINALS!!!!!!!

This Whole Life Challenge, we had an astounding 286 people (from all over the world) on team Undisputed Fitness. The team with the most amount of people in the WLC besides us had 128 people on it.

Every challenge, our community shows up in force with all of their friends and family along with them but this time you guys took it to a whole new level. All of you never cease to amaze, impress, and inspire us with your level of commitment both to yourselves and to the people in your lives.

The finals start at 12pm SHARP. Be here at noon ready to get measured. The measurements and workout will go until about 2pm. At that time you can all go home and get showered and pretty while we put in everyone’s score and get ready for the awards ceremony then everyone will meet at Alto St Park at 5pm to enjoy food, awards, and probably some crying!


In 11min complete:

800 m run
75 Squats
50 Sit ups
25 Push ups

If time remains do as many Burpees as possible until 11 min is up

Mobility WOD