Kipping Seminar COMING!!! Friday June 6th

Good day Tribe!!!  Here are some great and exciting announcements for you all. :) June 21st we will be holding a Kipping seminar! Ruben and I (Lorenzo) will be going over the basics and efficiency tips for the Kipping Pull Up on June 21st, then we will have a Butterfly seminar on July 12th.   $20 for one seminar for members.  25% off for Unlimited members. $30 if you buy both seminars. $25 for non members, $40 for both.  25% still applies for Unlimited members buying both seminars.


Want to  feel  what its like to compete?  If so,  starting next Thursday June 12th advanced class will be merging with the competition team practice.  SO, Thursdays will be open to advanced athletes to work out along side our competition team.  Sound challenging?  Great!  Come learn efficiency and mental fortitude to get acquainted with the potential you hold with your athleticism.



All Levels

For time:
100 Double Unders
10 Burpee
50 Dead lifts 225/155
10 Burpee
40 Ring Dips
10 Burpee
30 C2B pull ups
10 Burpee
20 Ballistic Sit up
10 Burpee
10 Front Squat 135/95

Comp Team
100 Double Under buy in
Row 5k
Glute Ham Raises

Mobility WOD