Katie Arnold wins 1st overall in ultra-marathon!

It is with great admiration and downright awe that I announce to you that one of our ultra marathon running athletes, Katie Arnold, won FIRST PLACE OVERALL (that’s out of all the men and all the women in all the age groups) at her 100K (that’s 63 miles!!!!) race in Angel Fire this past Saturday, June 21st!! It took her over 12 hours to complete this extraordinarily ambitious high altitude (10,000 ft) varied terrain race. With her family routing her on, Katie came in first! This was the longest run that Katie has ever run by 13 miles!!! She said (and I quote) “it felt great!!!” Can you imagine???? I, personally, hate running around the parking lot. It clearly takes a certain kind of exceptional human and athlete to endeavor to run for 12 straight hours and ENJOT IT!! I am hoping to interview Katie in this next couple of days about her experience and training.

CONGRATS, KATIE!!! We are SO proud of you!!!!

Katie Arnold - champion runner!

Katie Arnold – champion runner!

Thursday, June 26th

All Levels

A. Take 15 minutes to practice/develop kipping pull-up

B. “Savage 6’s”
6 rounds for time
6 KB swings 24/16
6 Thrusters 75/55
6 Burpee
6 Pull ups
6 Push Press
6 Sit ups

Advanced/Competition Team

A. Take 15 minutes to practice/develop kipping pull-up or muscle-up skills
B. “Crazy 8’s”
8 Rounds for time
8 KB Swings 28/20
8 Thrusters 95/65
8 Push ups
8 C2B Pull ups
8 Push Press
8 Burpee
8 Walking Lunge 2=1
8 Sit ups

Mobility WOD