Too much chalk- a cautionary tale.

Here’s a scary statistic: 3 out of 5 CrossFitters have a chalk addiction.

Ok, I totally made that up, but every one of us can name at least a couple friends who has a problem with the white stuff. Going to the bucket after every rep. Keeping their hands ghostly white.

But did you know- too much chalk can actually be detrimental???

Check out this blurb from CrossFit Southbay:

Naturally occurring chalk is made of calcium carbonate. The stuff we use, gymnastics/climbing chalk, is usually made of magnesium carbonate. We use chalk to absorb the moisture (sweat) or oil on your hands that prevents you from getting a good grip on the pullup bar, barbell, dumbbell or kettle bell. Chalk gives you a better grip, which means it increases friction. Too much chalk will increase friction between your hand and the bar to the point of a nasty tear.

When you chalk up for a workout take care to stick to the following:

  1. Use chalk only when you can’t hang on to the bar anymore.
  2. Put a very light dusting on your hands. This should barely be visible. No chalk baths.
  3. Heavy sweaters, (you know who you are) consider bringing a towel to dry off your hands before chalking. Again, light dusting after towel off.
  4. Leave the chalk in the chalk bucket. There should be chalk only two places ever: in the chalk bucket and on your hands. Don’t chalk up the bars, the floor or the air we breathe. Breathing chalk during a workout sucks!
  5. Remember Rips famous quote: “if you insist on wearing gloves, make sure they match your purse!” This goes for chalk gloves too.

In the sweaty mess that we become in the midst of our workouts, it’s natural to want to reach for some chalk to give us a little more grip (and rest). However, there can be too much of a good thing when it comes to gym chalk.

The next time you see your fellow athlete going to the bucket a little too often, share these words and help protect their hands.

Saturday, May 10th

“Mother may I have some KB’s!”

Teams of 2
200m run
50 KB snatches 24/16
75 KB Renegade rows
100 KB Figure 8 to hold

One partner runs while one partner completes as many reps as possible until partner comes back then switch and repeat until all reps are complete

Mobility WOD