Sunday FUNday and tomorrow’s Birthday WOD!!!


Happy Birthday, Jess!

Happy Birthday, Jess!

Call us codependent if you want, but we feel that spending 6 days a week with our community just isn’t enough. Starting this Sunday, June 1st, we’re opening up the gym from 1-4pm for Sunday Funday. (Official name subject to change.)

What’s Sunday Funday (official name subject to change) entail? I’m glad you asked. From 1-4pm we’ll open the gym up for anyone who wants to come in and work on skills, lifts, wods, and/or coffee drinking.
That’s right, the Undisputed coffee shop will be open and serving hot brew, cold brew, butter, mct infused, complete with all the tasty, nutritional benefits you’ve come to love.

Come in and lift, stretch, or just drink coffee.
Sunday Funday (official name subject to change) will be free to all members, and $10 for guests.

In addition to all of that, starting next Saturday, every 1st Saturday of the month is a community workout. EVERYONE welcome! That includes non-members. Anyone wanting to get a sweat on in a fun, empowering environment with a partner/team.


Friday, May 30th
A) Skill Work:
Double Unders
Kipping Pull up

B) Bottom to Bottom Tabata Squats

Rest exactly 5 min, then

Death by Pullups
(one pull up on first minute, two on second, three on third, etc.)

*Subs: Ring Rows or Weighted Jumping Pull ups (bands should be last alternative)

Comp Team
A.Warm Up
Run 400M, 3X Progression Barbell Complex 65-75-95 / 45-55-65
B.With a partner, complete as many rounds as possible in 15 minutes of:
5 overhead squat 135/95
7 handstand push up
9 box jump 30/24in

You must complete 1 entire round before tagging your partner in. Only 1 athlete can work at a time.
1000m Row Buy Out

Mobility WOD