Olympic lifting class is coming!

Starting June 2nd, we’ll now be offering an Olympic lifting class at Undisputed Fitness. Taught by our own USAW certified Olympic lifting coach Nate Harris, this class will focus on improving your form and technique in the Olympic lifts while going through a 12 week strength cycle.

  • Classes will be on Mondays and Wednesdays at 8pm, for one hour.
  • There will be no high intensity, CrossFit wod involved.
  • Everybody is welcome, regardless of skill level.
  • There are 12 spots available, on a first come, first serve basis.
  • This is a separate program, outside your current CrossFit or combat membership.
  • Price for members is $99/mo (plus tax) or $250 for all 3 months.
  • Price for non-members is $120/mo (plus tax) or $300 for all 3 months.

Talk to a coach asap to secure your spot!

Saturday, May 17th

“Pick Your Poison”
In teams of 3 complete five of the following skills. Each team must complete 120 reps of each skill before moving to the next station. You choose who works on reps, holds, and rests as well as how often to switch. If the person holding stops, you must all switch.

Sit-ups / Dip hold
Wall Balls / Hand stand hold
Shoulder to Overhead / Deadlift hold
HR Push-ups / Farmer Carry hold
Box Jumps / Hand hold
KB Swings / Plank
Burpees / Hollow hold

Mobility WOD