Saturday April 12th

The other day I got a text from my best friend who lives in Wyoming saying that he took a co-worker to his first CrossFit class which prompted said co-worker to call him and let him know that he was so sore that he couldn’t walk. And thank you.
My friend told me that to let me know how good it felt to hear it and to thank me for getting him to turn his life more towards one of health and fitness.
I talk to my friend quite often but it’s actually been years since I’ve tried to get him to go into a CrossFit class. Just by seeing things on Facebook, he decided to do the last Whole Life Challenge which then turned to joining a CrossFit gym.
A lot of times, even in this digital, social network obsessed age, we really tend to not realize exactly how many people are watching us. Or that we actually influence those who are. Our entire lives are on display and I’m willing to bet way more people than you think are paying attention to what you are doing. So question the is, how are you influencing those who are watching?

Partner WOD
18 minute AMCAP (as many cards as possible)
Hearts = Push ups
Clubs = KB swings 24/16
Diamonds = Box jumps
Spades = Ring dips
Reps = Value of card times 3
Face cards = 10
Aces = 11
Score is total reps

Bonus- Teams make their best 5 card poker hand.


Mobility WOD