The 5 Most Beautiful Things Project



My dear friend Jennifer Pastiloff writes an amazing blog. Often, I do not have the time, energy or attention span to dig into a book but I have found it enriching and illuminating to read Jen’s blogs and the blogs of the guest authors that she shares. Jen encourages us to become active beauty seekers. She suggests that you stop what you are doing RIGHT NOW, look around you and ruminate on the 5 most beautiful things in your life at that very moment. It can be something you are looking at, remembering or appreciating. She recommends doing this often (once an hour) but if you can’t do that the most powerful times to do it are right before bed (the last thing you think about before you fall asleep dictates the mood of your dreams and the way you wake up) and first thing in the morning (beginning your day with gratitude positively impacts the way your day goes). Gratitude, in general, is something that I am attempting to put into practice regularly and I can feel the difference it is making for me. Why not actively seeking beauty?

So, what are your 5 Most beautiful things?

Right now, mine are:

1- A long conversation with a friend in need of a good listener and getting to be that person

2- Cleans sheets on my bed and folded laundry

3- Buttery popcorn and salty dark chocolate at a great movie with my favorite couple

4- The heavy sighs and squeaks of my sweet dog sleeping at the foot of my bed

5- The blooming tulips planted in memoriam of a a dear friend’s mom (in her yard and in mine)


What are your 5 Most beautiful things?

Please post to comments and follow @jenpastiloff on instagram and read her blog  at She writes beautifully and authentically and she makes you think.



All levels

A. Time vs tension
Over Head Squat 5 down 3 hold at bottom

B. For time
25 Hand Stand Push Ups
25 Double unders
55 KB swings 28/20
25 Double unders
25 Burpees
55 Game Push ups
25 Pull ups
25 Wall balls 20/14


A. O/H squat 3 sec descent

B. For time
20 Pike push ups
50 Single jump rope
40 KB Russian swing
50 Single jump rope
20 Burpee
40 Push ups
20 Ring rows
20 Wall balls

Mobility WOD