Friday April 18th



Snowboarding and skiing require a lot of skills. Endurance, agility, and coordination among others. Other sports or vacation time can, for many people, mean returning to the slopes after months off. Athletes serious about improving want to make the most out of the time they do get. Injuries and athleticism can get in the way but can be avoided with the right training and mindset.


“In most snowsports, it’s important to build a strong base of aerobic fitness, because that’s what’s going to allow you to be on the hill longer and reduce your chance of injury due to fatigue.” “At the same time, skiing and snowboarding are anaerobic activities, which means that they require short, intense bursts of energy interspersed with rest periods.”

This is where CrossFit comes in. “You have to train for this high level of anaerobic output. “It’s a different focus than building your aerobic tolerance.” The need to supplement an aerobic base with anaerobic training is what sets skiing and snowboarding apart from other sports. Functional movements force balance and range of motion into the equation, which resembles skiing and boarding. In my experience the CrossFit program pivots on five main points: focus, balance, strength, range of motion and longevity. Which helps it give an edge to compete at the highest level of the sport, without injury.

No Time Like Now

To quote a phrase, it’s never too late to get started. Even if you haven’t been conscientious about training in the off-season, you should focus on a regime during these spring days before the snow flies again. “After all, you can’t get up to the slopes and expect your body to do something that it can’t even do on dry land’.

Again, preseason training is for everyone. The suggestions offered here are intended to either motivate you to develop your own regime or tailor the one you have for more effectiveness. Who knows? Feeling sore after a day on the slopes, or even incurring an injury, may become a thing of the past.


Yes I know that spring is around the corner, but for all you skiers and snowboarders, for that matter ANY sport-goers.  CrossFit will and has done wonders for me, and I promise will do the same for you.  So make the right choice, train diligently, eat to perform, join  the Whole Life Challenge and have fun.



5 rounds for time

10 O/H Squat 135/95

35 Double-unders


5 Rounds for time

15 O/H Squat

35 Double unders


Mobility WOD