Wednesday, March 12

Failure is important. Our entire lives are going to be filled with failure and yet people try and minimize it in their life. People try so hard to keep from ever failing and when it then happens it’s the end of the world.

“I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.” – Thomas Edison

Imagine trying to create something that has never existed and then failing 10,000 times at doing so. To spend years attempting to manifest an idea and failing every single time could discourage even the most resilient spirit. Yet, without suffering through those failures would you know of Thomas Edison today?

In Jiu Jitsu we always encourage people to compete and one of the reasons we use is it’ll make you better more quickly. How does registering for a tournament and then competing against a few strangers make you better than just putting in religious amount of time on the mats with friends? Because of failure.

You train for a competition months out, pay the registration fee, drive the distance to attend, spend all day being anxious, and then fail! It drives you crazy! How often do you play your mistakes over in your head? Every what if scenario plays in your mind and the failures play on repeat for days afterward. The sting of defeat keeps the memories so fresh you do everything in your power to make sure they never happen again.

That all sounds horrible, right? Why ever try? The magic happens when after you’ve fallen you get up, dust yourself off, and try again. Anything worth doing or worth having isn’t going to come easy. Getting it first try is different from getting it eventually….but getting it eventually is worlds apart from never getting it.

Check back Wednesday next week for Part II. Keep it up, you’re doing great



All levels

A) 1K row PR

B) 3 rounds for time
50 Double unders
40 Sit ups
30 Wall balls
20 Push ups
10 Pull ups


A) 500m row PR

B) 3 rounds for time
100 Singles
40 Sit ups
30 Med ball front squats
20 Push ups
10 Pull ups



Mobility WOD