Food as Fuel seminar is here

EVERYTHING you put in your body affects your performance, mood, sleep, and virtually ever other aspect of your life. Taking that into consideration, you have to ask yourself two questions. One: what are your goals? And two: is what you’re doing/eating now conducive to those goals?  If you’re not progressing towards those goals, then I would suggest making some assessments and adjustments. If you’d like to get some education on the matter, our Food is Fuel seminar is happening March 22nd (either today or tomorrow, depending on when you read this) 4-6pm.


Team WOD
3 players (at least 1 female), partition work as desired. Players not working are holding plank.
Run 400m (entire team)
150x Box jumps (20 inch)
75x Push press (35# DBs)
125x Squats
150x Overhead Alternating lunge steps (35# plate)
Run 400m (entire team)





Mobility WOD