Coach Dorsey’s birthday- YAY!!!

To know her is to love her and to be coached by her is to be inspired and to be made to feel unstoppable!! We are so blessed to have Coach Dorsey as an integral part if our coaching staff at Undisputed Fitness! She is sheer exuberance and we love her! I will never forget her doing the Helen Challenge prelims as her first WOD with us and thinking, that woman is made of something special and I want to be friends with her! Luckily, I get to be even more than her friend, I get to be part of something amazing that we create as a team and are committed to fulfilling which is our desire to support each other and each one of you in our pursuit of virtuosity and a powerful and close knit community of badasses!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY COACH DORSEY!! Thank you for all that you are and all that you do!

Dorsey’s Birthday WOD

All levels

15 min amrap
5 Handstand push ups
10 Power snatches
15 Toes to bar


15 min amrap
5 Declined push ups off box
10 Hang power snatches
15 Knees to elbows


Mobility WOD