Wednesday February 12th

DSC_1383A. Score is total time.
Run 400m, rest 2 min
Run 200m, rest 2 min
Run 400m, rest 2 min

B. 2k Row Test (2013 Games event 2) (but not the 19,097meters to follow!)

While Heat 1 is rowing – heat 2 will work:
Skill Work—-Muscle Up Transitions

12 Min Amrap

5 Muscle Up Transitios

10 Ring Rows

15  Squats (quality)

20 V-Twists


Switch it Up when Heat 1 Finishes

Level 1:

Pre-Structural Skill:
3x200m run, rest 2 min after each set

Skill: Deadlift x 10-12 reps @2020

WOD: Teams of 2 – 2k Row for time.

Mobility WOD