Thursday, February 20th – You’re doing great!

You’re doing great. Look how far you’ve come! Remember when you first started? Your first day? The courage it took to even start doing all of this is impressive. Very impressive. You’ve done a considerable amount of work.

It’s not easy. It definitely isn’t easy. You’ve picked the harder path, the road less traveled. Can you see the results yet? There has certainly been results. Perhaps not six pack abs but mental strength. It is a skill to push the boundaries of your comfort zone for personal growth. After a hard day at work it’s easier to go home than show up for strenuous workout.

It’s been tough. And the secret is that it always be tough. Don’t be discouraged. If there’s no occasion to rise you can’t rise. What you are capable of achieving is awe-inspiring. Framework of bone, substance of muscle, blanket of skin these materials are the physical instruments of your magnificence. It takes time to harness these tools, it’s not easy but it’s worth it.

Thank you. For your hard work. Thank you for coming in even on the tough days. Thank you for smiling, for trying. Keep it up. You’re doing great!

– Conrad



All levels

A) Skill work: ring dips
Spend time holding at the top and just supporting your weight on the rings.

1 min max ring dips. Use bands to scale, not toes, make it challenging.

B) 5 rounds for time:
10 Ring dips
15 Sit ups
20 Wall balls 20/14


A) Skill work: Muscle ups

B) 5 rounds for time:
5 Muscle ups (scale: hip to bar)
15 Ball toss sit ups 20/14
20 Med ball clean wall balls 

Mobility WOD