Thursday February 13th

Do it today. Do it again tomorrow. The “I’ll Do It Tomorrow” mentality has never produced any results and neither has the “Yeah But This Time’s Different.” The only thing that would make a difference, is if you did it today.


Don’t build up whatever it is that you’re avoiding. The more you think negatively about it the larger it looms, the more you dread it, the more insurmountable it becomes. “I still have to do…” turns into “I don’t want to …” turns into “I shouldn’t …” turns into “I can’t …” turns into “I didn’t …”


Just do it. Get it over with, it doesn’t really take that long and it’s actually good for you. You want the results, that’s the fun part. You don’t always want to work for it. If everyone could simply choose to have a six pack, everyone would (some might not because it’d be too mainstream). To choose six pack abs is to actually choose the workload, to overcome all the obstacles needed for six pack abs.


If you wait for the perfect time to do something, you’ll wait forever. I can guarantee there will always be at least one reason to not do something. “I don’t feel like it, “I’d have more fun if I did _____, instead…,” “I’m pretty tired,” “I can do it tomorrow.” “If only ____ wasn’t stopping me,” “If I could just do ____ first,” The reasons to not do it are infinite and only growing. I’m sure they’re perfectly reasonable and no one would blame you if you didn’t, it can be tough!


Success is doing it despite of all the obstacles. Instead of thinking of all the reasons that thing shouldn’t or can’t be done instead focus on the reasons why you should or can. Despite all the excuses, all the reasons….Do it anyways!


– Conrad




A. The Bear Complex

In 20 Minutes:

Complete 4-5 Rounds of
5 cycles of:
Power Clean, Front Squat, Push Press, Back Squat, Push Press
Dropping the bar is 5 burpees on the spot, then continue at last position

B. 5 Min Max Double Unders – Every Break is 5 HSPU (scale to 3 HSPU, to abmat, etc, then to regular push ups)


A. Bear- 5 Rounds

7 Cycles

B. Same as above

Mobility WOD