Saturday is for Stretching…

Well not really, however, what were the thoughts that went through your mind when you read the title of todays blog.

Where you excited?

Did you judge yourself?

Did you instantly come up with some really good reasons not to come to class?

As you know, with age we tend to lose some of our flexibility. Is it age, though, or is it becoming more sedentary? For me, when I take the time to stretch and roll out, I find that I stay more flexible and hurt less. My movements have greater range and I am even able to lift heavier. In this article, my new friends at GMB ( discuss reasons for and ways to increase your flexibility. Those of you in the Whole Life Challenge may find this super helpful, especially as we near the end of the challenge and perhaps the bottom of our bag of mobility tricks. Please take the time to read this article and while you are at it, you can like their facebook page and join their “posse”. They have over 2,000 videos on their youtube channel packed full of valuable tips and information.

A little warning: it is very easy to navigate further and further away from the article by clicking through numerous links to interesting videos and more specific tips to flexibility… Have fun but be forewarned, you could spend days in there…


Partner WODOne partner works at a time. Up to partners to decide how work gets done.

1000m row
50 Figure 8’s to hold (every time kb is at chest = 1 rep)
60 Jumping lunges
70 Deadlifts
1000m row



Mobility WOD