Mon Jan 13th

All Levels:

A1. Front Squat x 5 reps: 32×1, rest 30 seconds

A2: 3 sets, 1 set per round: (no 4th set of this)
1st round -Strict Chin 31×0 (amrap – minimum of 5),
2nd round: Chest to Bar (amrap -2: just short of failure),
3rd Round: kipping chin over bar (amrap -2)

B. 3 Rounds for time:
400m run,
20x Wall Ball, (adv can be 2fers)
15x Bumper Plate Sit Ups (bumper plate overhead, arms extended)
10x Chest to Bar Pull Ups,
5 Bumper Plate Push Up Burpees (hands on top of bumper for the push up, then take the bumper overhead)

Mobility WOD