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MassageOne of our very own athletes is offering a…
Massage with Mandy Hanson:

I have been massaging for a little over 6 years. I graduated form Albuquerque’s New Mexico School of Natural Therapeutics. I have always been in touch with the healing arts and have received body work from the age of 8. I love helping people transform. To see them come in exhausted, stressed and in pain and watch them leave relaxed, calm and light makes my day every time. I am truly blessed to have this kind of career. Recently, I’ve stared to focus more on sports massage because of my involvement in CrossFit. What you can expect in a sports massage from me is awareness if specific sports related injuries and stresses, relaxation and support of over used and exhausted muscles and stretching and trigger point release of chronically tight and painful areas. I also use hot and cold therapy (depending on afflicted areas and their needs), aromatherapy and lighter touch therapy such as Cranial Sacral and polarity therapy if you’re just needing some calming and balancing of the nervous system.

That being said I am currently running a special for Undisputed members and participants in the Whole Life Challenge.
Regular price $70 for 1 hour
and $80 for 1 1/2 hour.
Undisputed members receive $5 off.
Whole life challenge members receive $10 off (during the challenge)
If you purchase 4 in advance I’ll chop off an extra $15 off any total!

If this interests you, and I don’t know why it wouldn’t

right!?!? :) 

Please Contact Mandy @ (505) 715-7280

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