2014 Whole Life Challenge


Tomorrow is our 4th WLC and we can’t tell you enough how excited we are that all of our beautiful people signed up, and are ready to take their lives to the next level!  We will NOT be having any regular classes tomorrow 1/11/14 due to the WLC, SO make sure you sign up and join our team and you wont miss your Saturday workout!  Right?   Is everyone ready for this challenge??  I can tell you I am!  Last time I did this challenge I saw an exuberant amount of performance qualities that I am so excited to see again.

Our last WLC so much inspiring and heart felt things we can barley contain ourselves here to see what 2014 is going to bring?!?  Does anyone remember the uber  romantic proposal from our very own Steve Lovato and Monica Trujillo??  Wow that was AMAZING!!!  Rally up folks its gonna be fantastic!  See all you WLC’ers tomorrow at 11am.  3-2-1 GO!

Mobility WOD