Last Guest Day of the Year!!!!

Hey Beautiful Tribe- Saturday is the last guest day of the year!!! SO, Grab a friend, a neighbor, the crossing guard or your mother in law and bring them in for an awesome workout with tour amazing teammates!! Be the person that shows them the path to make a difference in their fitness, their self confidence, and their lives.

Don’t forget- we are collecting healthy non-perishable food all month until January 4th!!! Leading up to a FOOD DRIVE/ WOD on the 21st of December!!!! On that day we will have FOUR classes (friends and family are welcome!!!)!!!!! The buy in to he workout is a POUND of healthy non- perishable food!!! We and roughly 50 other CrossFit gyms around the country are teaming up to collect ONE MILLION POUNDS OF FOOD to be donated locally!!! Can you imagine the impact that that would make on hunger??!!!!! Please help us make that impact!!!!

And finally, our annual Holiday Party is next Saturday, December 14 th from 6pm – 10pm. It is a pot luck, so please bring a dish and whatever you would like to drink. We are also going to do a gift exchange so please bring a funny or a beautiful gift! Don’t spend more than $20!!! Trust us, you will want to be included in this exchange- it is really fun and funny!!! We will also have a DJ so bring your dancing shoes!!!!

Teams of 2.

25 Min AMRAP:

250 meter row (split or by one)
20x Pull Ups (Jumping/Regular)
30x Push Ups or clapping push ups (knees or toes)
40x Sit Ups or V-Ups
50x Squats or Jumping Squats


Mobility WOD