Friday Dec 20

A. Deadlift 4×5 reps @2020 (12 min)
Int: 4×6-8 Reps@2020
Beg: 4×10 Reps@2020

Bx3 (10 min)
B1. Strict, Narrow Grip Chin Ups 6-8 reps @31×1 (partner assisted as needed), rest 20 sec
B2. 3×15 GHD Sit Ups, rest 1 min

C. Aer.
10Min AMRAP (12 min)
200 Meter Run,
5x KB Snatch each arm
(from the hang – 5L/5R),
15x V-Ups,
25x Double Unders

Beginners can do DB Push Press, Sit Ups, and Jump Rope Passes as neededphoto (1)

Mobility WOD