Back Squats Rock!!!

A. Back Squat establish a daily 1RM at 30×0 (about 12-15 minutes class time)

B. 85%of 1RM test for max reps at 30×0 – as soon as tempo is broken, set is over (7min)

C. AMRAP in 15 –
200 meter run,
8x Clapping Push Ups (beginner = hand release push Ups)
16x Overhead Walking Lunge Steps (any object – kb/bumper plate, etc),
24x Sit Ups (15 min)

(advanced does each set unbroken & is looking for similar splits at every round – NOT a big fall off – Aer –

Monica Ulibarri and Ivonne Lobo

Monica Ulibarri and Ivonne Lobo

Mobility WOD