The first annual Buffalo Classic is this Saturday

This Saturday, the 9th, you can watch our own Steve Lovato, Lorenzo Hernandez, and Nate Harris compete in their very first Olympic weightlifting meet! Our friends at Zia CrossFit are hosting a USAW sanctioned meet, dubbed The Buffalo Classic.

The men’s division starts at noon, so come down and cheer on our guys while they throw heavy weight over their head!

A.) 10 minutes of handstand push up practice/inversion practice
B.) 5rds for time, on the 2 min mark:
5 Squat clean to thruster (around 50-60% 1rm thruster)
10 Strict pull-ups.
C.) 2rds for quality reps
:60 Push-ups
:60 Rest
:60 Burpees
:60 Rest
:60 Double unders
:60 Rest
Who doesn't love a thruster?

Who doesn’t love a thruster?

Mobility WOD