One more day til turkey

We’ll be closed all day Thursday for Thanksgiving and will only have open gym from 12-3pm on Friday. We encourage everyone to coordinate with other athletes to come at the same time during open gym so you have some workout buddies!
Have a Happy Thanksgiving!
All level-
A) Push Press -5X5
B) Back Squat – 5×5
C) 30 body Blasters for time
A) Push Press 3×3
B) Back Squat 3×3
C) 20 burpee pull-ups
CrossFit Santa Fe push press

Kettlebell Snatch Test- Yeah!!!!



All level-

A) Power Snatch
Emom- 12 minutes/ 2 a min

B) 10 minute Snatch test

A) Hang Power
Emom- 12 minute /2 a min

B) B) 10 minute Snatch test


Thank you to everyone who came to the pull up seminar on Saturday; it’s was so much fun. And we had bacon!
What kind of seminar would you like us to put on???


A) 500 meter row for PR

B) 30/60/90 –
Push press 45/35
Jumping squats
Ballistic sit-ups
Wall Balls

Today is the day- KIPPING pull-up seminar

Today is the day to get your KIPPING pull-ups and/or your butterflys. Nate and Lorenzo are teaching an awesome seminar between classes! Don’t miss

Card Game:Saturday

18 minute AMCAP – As Many Cards As Possible:

Partners team up to collect as many cards as they can in 18 minutes. Each suit on the cards represents a certain movement and the value of the card represents the amount of reps your team has to do.

Here’s the suit and movement pairing:
Hearts = Burpees
Clubs = Kettlebell Swings (24/16kgs)
Diamonds = Wall Balls
Spades = Ring Push-ups

When it comes to reps, multiply the value of the card by 3. So an 8 of hearts is equal to performing 24 Burpees as a team. Face cards are 30 reps (10×3). Aces are 33 reps (11×3).
One last rule: you can split up reps as needed, but only one person works at a time

Pull up seminar on Saturday!

This Saturday is our kipping and butterfly pull up seminar. Taught by Nate and Lorenzo, it will be skills valuable for you regardless of your current pull up abilities and tons of fun!

$20 for members
$25 for non-members

OH squats 95/65 5 – 10 – 15 – 20 – 15 – 10 – 5
W/ 50 double unders after every set

Progressions. They’re how we progress.

Power clean progression
-High hang
-Above knee
-Lift off
-Power clean
times 3. Build weight.

8 minute of amrap of:
10 Roll to candlestick
10 Hollow rocks
10 Bird pickers
10 Jumping squats

CrossFit Santa Fe hollow rock

Power Assistance Exercises and other cool stuff!

Yay! Day two of the burpee challenge! I am about to do mine before bed- those if you that came to class are ahead if the game! If you didn’t do you burpees today- don’t get discouraged… It is only the beginning and you got this in the bag! Start tomorrow!

The skill and strength Tuesday is one of the power Assistance exercises used to train weight lifters in developing strength and proficiency (balance, coordination, accuracy, agility, power and strength to name a few) in the Oly lifts AND in the process it is going to make you look even better in your jeans or Lulus!!! Don’t miss out!!! Come and learn this new skill!

Strength/Skill: Split squat
4 sets of 6 (3 on each side), build weight (beginner- just empty bar)

10 Bench press
8 Renegade row
6 Power clean
4 Push press
X5 – 45/25

Strength/Skill: Split squat
4 sets of 6 (3 on each side), build weight (beginner- just empty bar)

Barbell complex-
8 deadlifts
6 hang power cleans
4 push press

Working on my Jerks at the USAW Oly lifting Cert that Nate and I attended at Red Rocks CrossFit in Colorado Springs with Paul Flesher.

Yay, burpees!

Monday marks the first day of the Burpee challenge! In case you hadn’t heard, over the course of the next 6 weeks we’re going to complete 1,000 burpees. If you did the math, that works out to 24 burpees a day. However, it’s totally up to you how you get them done. The only rule is that you have complete 1,000 burpees by January 11th. We strongly encourage you to post your pictures/videos of you doing your burpees in fun places. :)


Heather and I are driving back from our USAW certification in Colorado Springs right now and can’t wait to share everything we’ve learned.

A) 25 burpees for time

B) 10 min amrap

2 min rest

10 min amrap
Pull ups
Walking lunges


Partner fun!

Sat partner WOD:

15 min Amrap

200 m run w/KB- 45/32: partners run together holding one KB

10 t2b: one partner works, one partner holds a boat

15 power cleans- 115/75- one partner lifts, one hold a plate locked out overhead- 45/25

20 ring push-ups: one partner works, one holds in plank position

*partners may split up the work as they see fit, but must rest together


Heather and I are off to Colorado Springs tomorrow to get our USAW Olympic lifting certifications! Wish us luck and be prepared for all kinds of fun lifting after!
On top of that, we have TONS of announcements. On November 23rd, Lorenzo and I will be teaching a pull up seminar from 11:15am to 12:45pm. I’m going to go over the mechanics of the kip and Lorenzo is going to teach the butterfly pull up. $20 for members, $25 for non-members.
Bring A Friend Days are happening on December 5th, 6th, and 7th. Every class on those days are open for any friends or family you want to bring.
Our annual Holiday Soiree is going down on December 14th. Bring a dish and a gift and let’s party!
Wall balls 20#
Box Jump 24
Kettlebell swing 1.5 pood/1 pood

Mobility WOD