Wow, Boxtoberfest was amazing! There were 200 teams of 2 people competing in some fierce workouts these past two days.
I can’t speak enough to the badassedness of Coach Megan Dorsey, Tiffany Fuerte (who started CrossFit 8 months ago and did the RX division!), Jeff Lomaglio, Jose Carter, Lorenzo Hernandez, Steve Lovato, Amy Gray, Maricia O’keefe, and Amanda Phelan, who stepped in last minute to take Maricia’s place in day 2.
Every competed their hearts out and did great. And a special shout out to Jeff Lomaglio who set a new overhead PR with 135 in the chipper today! And he did it twice!



3-3-3 Power Snatch
3-3-3 Overhead Squat
3-3-3 Squat Snatch

5 rounds – 2 minutes with 1 minute rest in between
200 meter run
As many Situps as possible

Mobility WOD