I am so excited for and proud of our 4 BADASS teams that are competing in BOXTOBERFEST TODAY AND TOMORROW at the Albuquerque Academy. Remember that there will be one class only today at 10am.
They have been working so hard and really working together as a team to help each other get better and dig deeper and they seemed to have a whole lot of fun while doing it. Coach Dorsey and Lorenzo have been amazing leaders, dedicated and inspiring and I just know everyone is going to shine bright today!!! Thank you for being part of our TRIBE and for representing is this weekend! We are so proud of you!!!

Coach Dorsey and Tiffany Fuerte
Lorenzo Hernandez and Steve Lovato
Amy Grey and (subbing in) Jen Montanyo
Jose Carter and Jeff Lommagio


Max effort between partners-

1, 000 meter row
3 min max effort sit ups
Rest 1 min
3 min max effort kb swings
Rest 1 min
3 min max effort burpees
Rest 1 min
3 min max effort goblet squats
Rest 1 min

Max effort is shared between partners.
They can alternate work. One person works at a time. No down time between partners. Score is total reps.


Mobility WOD