Clean! it up with a smile :)

Our very own BadAss team made a HUGE impact on Boxtoberfest this year. When you see the team give them a round of applause for putting everything into the sport we all love so much.Β  We are super proud of them and so much growth was achieved this last weekend!! DSCN0470DSCN0580DSCN0588

EVENT 1.1/1.2

Sandbag ladder

30 Double Under Buy in, then AMRAP within 1:50

Sandbags start at 30lb for women and men. Women go up 10lb Men go up 20lb total of 10 stations.

Men Rx

Crossfit Santa Fe

Los Terroristas- 32nd/11th

Renegade Bros- 53rd/35th

Women Rx

2badbitches- 27th/37th

Open Women

Drop it like its squat- 2nd

EVENT 2.1/2.2

6min Swim AMRAP

50m Swims

Rx teams after 200m swims is finished ASM 25m swims with 10lb diving brick :/

Rx Teams

Los Terroristas- 14th/19th

Renegade Bros- 22nd/26th

2badbitches- 14th/22nd

Open Womens

Drop it like its squat- 6th

EVENT 3.1/3.2


Over the box jump burpees 24/20

Pass Throughs

Ground 2 Over Head 135/95

Then 1.5 mile run to the finish line

Rx 40.30.20

Open 30.20.10

Los Terroristas- 12th/10th

Renegade Bros- 53rd/45th

2badbitches- 27th/36th

Open Womens

Drop it like its squat- Unfortunately due to circumstances the team couldn’t be scored for the final WOD, but they absolutely killed this last event and would of placed high…next year! πŸ˜‰


Los Terroristas-10th

Renegade Bros-45th


Drop it like its squat- Overall AWESOME!

Here is Thursdays WOD:

All Levels

5 min EMOM

2Power Cleans

Rest :90

5 min EMOM

3 Front Squats

Rest :90

5 min EMOM

2 Squat Cleans


8min AMRAP

10 KB v -Twists

10 Hollow Rocks

10 Reverse Burpees


10min AMRAP

5 Squat Cleans @60% max

5 Bar facing burpees




Mobility WOD