A twist on mindfulness

One of the things I love about the Whole Life Challenge is their desire to keep things fresh. Such as this new twist on the mindfulness lifestyle category.
In Andy’s words:

We’re going to continue in the vein of
mindfulness, but instead of in silence or through
writing, this time it’s through reading.

Your challenge for the next week (starting Saturday)
is to spend 10 minutes each day reading
something meaningful or inspiring.

Who gets to decide what is meaningful? You do.
It could be anything – a book, article, blog,
magazine article, even a catalog. The only
requirement is that it has to be for at least 10
straight minutes… and YOU get to decide
weather it ‘counts’ as meaningful.

I suggest that you take the next couple days to
think about it… decide in advance what you
will ‘count’ as meaningful, and then set an
intention around it.

In any case, continue your mindfulness
practice and prepare to dive into meaningful
reading starting Saturday!

A) Front squat PR
B) Time vs task
5 minute AMRAP with Dumbells
5 Deadlifts 40/20
7 Hang power cleans
9 Front squats
11 Push presses
Complete what you did in the amrap, for time.

Mobility WOD