Costume spectacular!

We had a great Halloween today with our zombie killer wod and some pretty spectacular costumes.

Which costume was your favorite?!





Deadlifts : 3-3-1-1-1….heaviest single! Lets PR!!
Every Minute, On the Minute, for 12 minutes of:
5 box jumps 32/24
6 alt. kb lunges (2pood/1.5)
7 kb swings (2/1.5)

Friday is the last day you ring in your scores for the WLC! We can’t wait to see all of you at the finals!

Halloween Chipper

Happy Halloween!!!! Costumes are encouraged and perhaps even rewarded!!!!!

Chipper- 10:31 (10 movements at 31 reps of each)

We are doing everything we can to escape from and crush these Zombies.

Also: EMOM everyone must stop their movement and do 5 Frankenstein walks, go for style points here… Walk and make noises like a zombie.

31 Double Unders We are jumping and dodging Zombies here.
31 Strict Pull-Ups-  We are trying to climb up a wall to get away.
31 Box Jumps- We are trying to jump over obstacles to escape.
31 Hand Release Push Ups -They caught up to us and we are pushing them away from us.
31 Toes 2 Bar We are kicking the Zombies away from us.
31 Goblet Front Squats -We are pulling the Zombie’s bodies apart squatting with their heads in our hands. I’m starting to feel twisted and weird!
31 Medicine Ball Cleans -We are ripping the Zombie heads off and cleaning them.
31 Zombie Head Wall Balls (reg wall balls with a special name) Now that we have ripped off their heads we are throwing them against the wall.
31 Thriller lunges (men #25 plate/women #15 plate or 20/10 slamball-”Zombie Heads”) straight over head with arms in locked out position. We are carrying the heads away from their body to get rid of them once and for all.
31 Ab mat Situp Tossing Ball at wall- We are smashing there heads against the wall and then the floor to finish them off.

We adopted this WOD from CrossFit Pure in Georgia!!!! They are clearly a lot of fun!!!!

Ghosts of Halloween Past!!!

Ghosts of Halloween Past!!!

Who makes a pretty princess?!?!!

Who makes a pretty princess?!?!!

Pumkin Powah!!!

Pumkin Powah!!!

The kitchen guy and the cheerleader!!!!!

The kitchen guy and the cheerleader!!!!!




5 rounds, each for time
20 pull-ups
30 push-ups
40 sit-ups
50 squats

Rest EXACTLY three minutes between each rd. Record time for each round.

CrossFit Santa Fe pull ups

Clean and Jerks!!!!!

Tuesday, October 27
All Levels
EMOM 10; work to maximal loads
1 power clean&push jerk
20 hang power cleans
10 HSPU’s
Skill: head stands (12minutes-work in teams to freestanding tripod?)
Skill: tall cleans- many reps with light weight added over 15 minutes?
3 RD’s for SPEED
20 power cleans
10 perfect hollow/hand release push-ups
Erin Okenek- The perfect Finish

Erin Okenek- The perfect Finish

Last week to go!

This is the last week of the Whole Life Challenge. Who’s still staying strong with it??? What are you doing for your acts of kindness?

Don’t forget- the finals event are going down this Saturday, 12-4pm, at Fort Marcy with food, drinks, and prizes following directly after at Undisputed Fitness!


A) Deadlifts
3-3-3-3-3 HEAVY

B) Every minute, on the minute, for 10 minutes of:
100m sprint
20 Double unders

Cash out:
50 Hollow rocks
50 Flutter kicks
50 Kip knee tucks

CrossFit santa fe deadlift

Hold it now…

Saturday, October 26th-

One partner works
One partner holds bar overhead

100 push press (95/65)

One partner works
One partner holds bottom of squat

100 box jumps

One partner works
One partner holds plank

100 push ups (games)

One partner works
One partner holds hollow or rocks

100 ballistic sit-ups

One partner works
One partner holds superman

100 good mornings with (45/25)


Final lifestyle category!

Friday, October 25th


We’re approaching the last week of the challenge and with it, our last lifestyle category. Which happens to be one of our favorites- Random acts of kindness!


  1. The recipients of your acts do not have to be in the challenge. They can be anyone you come across. But your fellow challengers wouldn’t be a bad place to start!
  2. The act must be intentional to earn the point — you can’t “remember” that you did something nice and award yourself points for that.
  3. Some examples: Making a phone call or even just sending a supportive text or email to one of your teammates in the challenge, letting someone in traffic into your lane where you would have otherwise sped up, paying for the coffee or bus fare for the person behind you in line, or taking the time to simply let someone know what a difference they make in your life.

Your acts do not have to be grand or expensive. They should simply be intended to have a situation that might have predictably gone one way go another way. They should be intended to leave the world better for your having done them. Often it is the small, seemingly insignificant acts that can change the course of the whole world.

I, for one, find this to be the most rewarding of the lifestyle categories.


Roving Bear (35lbs/20lbs)
5 rds for time
4 walking lunges
7squat cleans
4walking lunges
7 front squats
4 walking lunges
7 push press
4 walking lunges
7 jerks

(3 burpee penalty for putting DBs down mid round)!


crossfit santa fe dumbbells

Clean! it up with a smile :)

Our very own BadAss team made a HUGE impact on Boxtoberfest this year. When you see the team give them a round of applause for putting everything into the sport we all love so much.  We are super proud of them and so much growth was achieved this last weekend!! DSCN0470DSCN0580DSCN0588

EVENT 1.1/1.2

Sandbag ladder

30 Double Under Buy in, then AMRAP within 1:50

Sandbags start at 30lb for women and men. Women go up 10lb Men go up 20lb total of 10 stations.

Men Rx

Crossfit Santa Fe

Los Terroristas- 32nd/11th

Renegade Bros- 53rd/35th

Women Rx

2badbitches- 27th/37th

Open Women

Drop it like its squat- 2nd

EVENT 2.1/2.2

6min Swim AMRAP

50m Swims

Rx teams after 200m swims is finished ASM 25m swims with 10lb diving brick :/

Rx Teams

Los Terroristas- 14th/19th

Renegade Bros- 22nd/26th

2badbitches- 14th/22nd

Open Womens

Drop it like its squat- 6th

EVENT 3.1/3.2


Over the box jump burpees 24/20

Pass Throughs

Ground 2 Over Head 135/95

Then 1.5 mile run to the finish line

Rx 40.30.20

Open 30.20.10

Los Terroristas- 12th/10th

Renegade Bros- 53rd/45th

2badbitches- 27th/36th

Open Womens

Drop it like its squat- Unfortunately due to circumstances the team couldn’t be scored for the final WOD, but they absolutely killed this last event and would of placed high…next year! 😉


Los Terroristas-10th

Renegade Bros-45th


Drop it like its squat- Overall AWESOME!

Here is Thursdays WOD:

All Levels

5 min EMOM

2Power Cleans

Rest :90

5 min EMOM

3 Front Squats

Rest :90

5 min EMOM

2 Squat Cleans


8min AMRAP

10 KB v -Twists

10 Hollow Rocks

10 Reverse Burpees


10min AMRAP

5 Squat Cleans @60% max

5 Bar facing burpees




Mini McGhee

Mini McGhee
6 rounds- 
One minute Max Deads
Rest 30 seconds
One minute max box jump
Rest :30
One minute max push-ups.
crossfit santa fe deadlift

Yeah!!! It’s a CHIPPER!!!!


A) Beginner
Review squat clean(maybe utilize med ball clean)
3,3,3 squat clean

10 Squat jump (stand fully, try to land in squatting position. )
10 kb snatch
10 double unders(full diameter plate jump)
10 goblet squat.

All levels

A) Review squat clean
Work to the heaviest ‘3’


B) Chipper-
90 walking lunges
80 dus
70 Squats
60 push-ups
50 KB Swings
40 box jumps
30 KB Snatch
20 wall balls
10 Burpees


Mobility WOD