Odd/ Even: Power cleans/ Front Squats


The beautiful women of Crossfit Santa Fe!!!!!!
Today was an awesome workout- with Overhead Squats and max effort body weight movements. I am sad that I was unable to workout!

The 15 unbroken overhead squats looked amazing-

A couple notable achievements-
Megan Dorsey- 75lbs
Kristine Ali- 75lbs
There were more but those are from my memory!

Lets keep up the good work and see who gets to the “Gold Standard” first!!!!


All levels-
A)10 minute: odd/even

Odd: 2 power cleans
Even: 5 front squats

B)5 Rds (each round is 2 minutes)
rest 2 mins between rounds-

250 meter row
Max effort pushups

A) 10 minutes- odd/even
Odd- 2 squat clean
Even- 5 thrusters
B) same
C) 100 double unders for time

Mobility WOD