Is that compliant?

You’ve made it 5 days into the Whole Life Challenge. Look at you go. If you’ve gone out to eat at a restaurant, you’ve probably noticed a higher level of difficulty when ordering than before.

“What kind of oil is that cooked in?”
“Does that your chile have flour in it?”
“I don’t think this is compliant.”

These situations will arise, there’s no getting around that if you’re a social eater. Fortunately, there are some businesses out there that have our backs.

Our own Crystal Richards has assured us that the whole staff at Counter Culture is aware of the Whole Life Challenge guidelines and are more than happy to assist with our dining needs.
When shopping at the La Montanita Co-op, you’ll see “Whole Life Challenge approved” stickers on items around the store that are compliant. (They even specially ordered Paleo Bread to carry in stock just for us!)
Bumblebee’s Baja Grill even went so far as to make a special “Whole Life Challenge menu”! Just say “WLC” and the gluten, dairy, and grains are gone.

CrossFit Santa Fe WLC menu


Gold standard-
15 unbroken Overhead Squats

Bodyweight total

2 mins of each- max effort



A)5x 3 overhead Squats

B) same

Mobility WOD