Kelley Fletcher’s Birthday


Tuesday, September 17 aka Kelley Fletcher’s Birthday!!!

Ante 100 doubles-last 15 unbroken
4 rds
2 deads 405
4 strict pull-ups
6 pistols
8 goblets 2 pood
10 snatches 2 pood
20 doubles

Cash out 100 doubles (last ten unbroken)

Hollow position work(on ground/hanging from bar
Transition into double under work…if you have them/do 100, if not, then super fast singles in hollow position for skill work. (Goal is 100 in a minute:do as many minutes as able until the class is ready to move on)

3 rounds
6medium/heavy deads
8 pullups(strict)
10 heavy goblet squats
12 alternating Russian swings
20 double unders

Mobility WOD