Power Clean Clusters and some Cindy

Hey Athletes! For those of you that are competing in the 330 Challenge- I want to check in with you and remind you that the finals are in less than 2 weeks!!! Have you been working on your cleans and your jerks? We have been programming in lots of cleans- so hopefully you are getting facile with those lifts! Holler at a coach if you have any questions or need any training tips. We look forward to seeing how you have progressed!

Thursday, August 8th

All levels-

Burgener warmup for the clean

A) Power Clean Clusters
5×3 -20 seconds rest between sets, 1 minute rest between rounds

B) 5 rounds of Cindy


A) Power Clean
25 minutes to find one rep max

B) 12 minutes of Cindy- the goal is 10 rounds


Also, don’t forget that there is a FREE self defense seminar on Saturday, August 10 at 3-5 taught by Ruben Rivera. It’s going to be fun and useful and you should be there.

Mobility WOD