Gettin’ down on Friday

Were you one of the millions of people who watched the CrossFit Games last month and got maybe more than a little inspired by those amazing athletes giving it all in front of all those cheering fans? Every October our friends down at Black Box Fitness in Albuquerque put on a local competition call Boxtoberfest (get it?). It consists of teams of 2 people and is open to anybody who wants to compete. We already have 4 teams going so you’re feeling the itch for a little competition training, talk to Coach Dorsey immediately! And you can read more about it here –>

Coach Dorsey at Boxtoberfest '12

Coach Dorsey at Boxtoberfest ’12


A) 3 x 5 Split Jerk

B) 10 rounds for time :

7 Burpees
7 T2B

Mobility WOD